Friday, 20 April 2012

Scottish Fiction Submissions - 20th April

It's Record Store Day tomorrow and I did plan to do a round up of what's going on in and around venues.  However other people have beat me to it, and it's easier to link you to those instead.  Lazy?  Yes, but why worry.

The Pop Cop         Ayetunes

I'm also going to plug a link for you lovely looking people, which is where you can now pick up tickets for our very first Scottish Fiction Presents gig which is on Sunday 17th June featuring Michael Cassidy, The Spook School, Queen Jane and Saint Death.  Tickets can be bought here and it would make me very happy to see you there.

Anyway, back to business. 

Dougie Greig - 'Black Water Son'

I first heard of Dougie when I went to see Julia And The Doogans recently.  No sooner had I popped my clogs off from that and in popped a track from Dougie's soon to be released album (the above picture is from his EP 'Beginnings' currently available on iTunes).  With his perfectly timed use of a loop pedal Dougie creates layers of sound that you wouldn't know was just one man.  That's probably the biggest hook about the music, is that it is through intricate use of a loop pedal that it's created.  I enjoyed listening to 'Black Water Son' but it's not recreating the wheel.  Pleasant singer songwriter material here.

Louise Quinn & Kid Loco - 'Oh Jackie'

When I heard this song up close and live I thought it was a good 'un.  Out now all polished up and pretty and with Kid Loco on board also.  The title track is full of sass and spunk and other such things, and the EP itself is well worth a listen.  'Exactly Like You' has a nice old time jazz feel to it, which I believe is because it's a cover of a 1930's track, and there's also a Bill Wells remix included too, which is nice.

Madison - 'Armbands'

Madison are fronted by singer Russell Ferguson, previously of The Celestians, and while the name/line up may have changed there's a pretty similar sound going on.  Russell's voice is pretty distinctive, in the same vein as Twin Atlantic and the recently deceased Dykeenies.  It's alternative rock, edging more towards the pop side of the spectrum.  Kinda grows on you a little bit.  Give it a listen or two.  There's a b-side two 'Like Glue' which is free to download.

The Leg - 'Bake Yourself Silly'

You can all thank me for this free single from The Leg who release their album 'An Eagle To Saturn' on Song, By Toad Records on 30th April.  No sooner had I pre-ordered the album did this free single drop into my inbox.  It's all the eccentric things that The Leg do well, and if you don't like it I suspect you can fuck off.

That's yer lot tonight, might re-jig the days of our regular features due to my shifts at work changing so there'll be more Scottish Fiction Submissions at some point next week.  In the meantime don't forget to buy lots of (probably) expensive black plastic that you can cherish, love, and hawk on eBay when you need some quick dosh and Wonga won't give you any more cash.

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