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Why Blogger? - Flares n Seagulls

Aberdeen often gets a raw deal.  Not only can the football team not kick a jelly bean according to the school ground taunt, but in terms of music coverage the city often unfairly gets overlooked.  Flares n Seagulls is an Aberdeenshire based online music magazine, which covers reviews, gigs, and interviews with local musicians and beyond.  They blog is made up of several contributors who all play their part in creating a great reading ground spanning all genres and with plenty of interesting content.  George, who goes under the moniker of Still Burning, took some time out to answer a few questions for our 'Why Blogger?' feature.

Hello, how are you?

Currently wondering that despite the record high temperatures during the day in Aberdeenshire why is my car windscreen still all frosted over in the mornings.

Sum up your blog in 140 character tweet.

Irregular reviews and interviews from a blog based on some of the musical about to happen and has already happeneds in Aberdeen.

There's little (if any) monetary gain in blogging. Why do you do it?

Just to let the rest of the world know that there is a vibrant music scene in Aberdeen, sometimes.  Oh, and to moan about it.

I've been a bit busy the last few months with work and other stuff but hopefully getting back into the game properly again.

Allow yourself some self praise, what's your proudest blog related moment?

This is a difficult one.  Maybe some of the emails we've had from featured artists, but they probably say the same to everyone so it maybe that doesn't count.

On a personal note, photographing The Damned at Wickerman Festival last year.  It meant a lot to me but probably no-one else.

You're on a plane and the only in-flight movie is Maid In Manhatten. What do you take to:
Listen to: My mp3 player which always has some old stuff, some recent-ish stuff and some new releases.  I like the fact that it is only 2GB meaning that I have to change it regularly but then I always like making up CDs and stuff.  Aye, it works for me.
Read: A music mag and maybe 2 paperbacks for £7 from the shop before I get on if I can find a second one that suits.  Is it just me that struggles with that?  Why do I HAVE to buy two?
Watch: I'd make everyone watch The Warriors, that'll teach 'em.

What Scottish artists would you recommend to the Scottish Fiction readers?

Ah, the difficult task of namedropping bands and then missing out someone. Stanley have an album out in April which I think will be liked outwith Aberdeenshire.

Do you write your blog with an audience in mind, or do you blog about what's on your mind?

I can honestly say that almost no thought is given to our audience. I have asked what folk want to read but the response was more pictures so we sorted that (I think). Good question actually.

What do you think blogs bring to the music 'scene'?

Done properly and without worrying about upsetting the band/their PR/the promoter/friend who plays in the band they are generally an honest view from the writer of the event or record or whatever.  What I do not like is reading a blog and finding everything all good and hunky dory because that is simply not the case.  Having said that, sometimes bands need a reviewer to suit the genre so there are ways to soften the blow of `its shite`.

I was brought up in a world of paper fanzines so its just the same but with recycled pixels.  Much more green friendly and all that.

As a reader, what blog(s) do you frequent?

On regular reading probably none that haven't been mentioned before although I do find some pretty decent reading on random blog sites when researching artists who are coming to Aberdeen to play.  Wordpress (and Blogger etc.) have been great for the music scene in general.

Thanks very much for talking to us. Would you care to end with a joke?

The price of petrol?

Check out Flares n Seagulls here

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  1. Flares & Seagulls - essential reading and brilliant photos by Still Burning !! Good loons !!