Saturday, 18 October 2014

EP Review - Dear Lara - Cape North

This six track EP by Dear Lara is a record you will absolutely fall in love with.  It sounds like the soundtrack to your favourite love story.  Each song tells an individual story about a guy falling for a girl.  You can imagine it playing away in the background of any good chick flick.

Every song on Cape North is so chilled out, which means you can really relax into the songs and be lost in the words.  The guitar on every track sounds amazing, especially when it is a little upbeat fingerpicked melody.  The beautiful guitars are blended with the subtle string sections to create really moving music.

But the best thing about this EP, without a shadow of a doubt, is the quality and tone in David Lan’s voice.  The vocals are absolutely flawless and you almost feel like you have known him all your life as soon as he starts singing.

It was very difficult to pick out a favourite track, as all the songs are incredible.  Darkest Before Dawn has the most beautiful little guitar melody throughout.  Girl In My Head tells the story of how you can fall in love with the idea of being in love with someone without actually falling in love with him or her.  Although this is essentially a break up song, it has the most incredible chorus and just takes you away to a completely different place.  It is so rare to come across that escapism in music.

- Martina Salveta

Dear Lara - Cape North is out now via Last Orders Records and is available on download and CD here.

We had David pop in to record a live session for Scottish Fiction just recently.  Check out the exclusive video of Darkest Before The Dawn below and watch the rest of the session here.


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