Saturday, 18 October 2014

Single Review - The Great Albatross - Roots

The Great Albatross is a solo project headed up by Glasgow based Californian A. Wesley Chung, with collaborations from various friends along the way.

New track Roots is very hypnotising yet upbeat, making it the perfect chill out track.  The guitar has such a lovely tone and plays a great, cheery melody.  The vocals on this track are totally effortless and flawless; they are very soothing, helping to tell the lovely story written in the lyrics.

There are some amazing sections in this song where the vocals are so incredible, they blend in with the track as if they were an additional instrument.  There are also some beautiful string sections which blend so well with the vocals, creating such a lovely build up to the chorus and making such a stunning overall sound.

The video for this track is very minimal but effective, following A. Wesley Chung in the woods and looking at all the trees from different angles.  The video is perhaps not one for those who suffer from motion sickness but it is a gorgeous study of the beauty outside which most of us take for granted.

- Martina Salveta

The Great Albatross - Roots is out now via Count Your Lucky Stars Records and is available on download and limited edition 7" vinyl here.

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