Thursday, 23 October 2014

Single Review - Alansmithee (feat. Marklar) - Checking Out

Rain drops.  Cosy interior.  The mood is set.  Progressively, the dashing voices fill your head.  Now you are floating, relaxed and careless.  It is as if you are dreaming or hallucinating, you can't tell the difference by now.  That's what Alansmithee is all about.

Hailing from Livingston, the band comprise four lo-fi geniuses.  Their music is a game of sounds and colours that is both refreshing and surreal.  We are transported by the atmospheric feel of their songs and seduced by their melancholic melodies.

It revisits the origins of alternative music and undeniably draws its inspirations from bands such as Joy Division and Velvet Underground.  But Alansmithee have a unique personality and an usual subtle charm.

In collaboration with the off-the-wall Marklar, Checking Out is an alternative trip to the meanders of your mind.  Ingeniously written, its psychedelic tones and echo voices will leave you breathless.  It starts slowly, carefully, then it intensifies.  It becomes powerful to the point of being completely captivating, thanks to the smooth pace and distorted sound of the guitar.

It praises a certain freedom, a bold lightness but, “It's alright,” as the spellbinding voices whisper to you...

Alansmithee is a band that everyone must definitely check out.

Alexandra Andréoli

Alansmithee (feat. Marklar) - Checking Out is out now on via Flowers in the Dustbin and is available to download for free here.

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