Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Single Review - Scary People - Guided By The Blind

Power-packed, cool rock in small packages seems to be the new flavour of the month.  Just like other rising stars Royal Blood and Honeyblood, Scary People have created a worthy showcase for their strong sound with their latest single Guided by the Blind.

The track has an almost hypnotic quality: simple strumming and slick drum beats are the perfect vessel to carry the deep, confident vocal – the cadence of which brings me back to delights by Interpol or Grizzly Bear.  The steady sense of security we were sitting in is soon interrupted, as we knew it would be, as the noise escalates to a satisfyingly loud chorus.

Quiet little nicks and creeping bass signify that things are about to get fun – and sure enough this is set free into a nice instrumental, leaving ample time for some spirited air guitar or head bangs.  The track finishes loud and liberating; a real firecracker of a tune from a band that oozes energy, and make music was made for moving to.

- Maura Keane

Scary People - Guided By The Blind  is out now via RedRoom Recordings and can be downloaded here.

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