Wednesday, 15 October 2014

EP Review - Hector Bizerk - The Fish That Never Swam

Hector Bizerk are a creative duo from Glasgow, comprising of drummer Audrey Tait and rapper Louie.  If you haven’t heard of Hector Bizerk yet… do yourself a favour and give them a listen.  They are completely different to anything else on the Scottish music scene at the moment.

The instrumentation and melody within their tracks are truly great and extremely unique.  You can tell that they draw inspiration from various different types of music such as jazz, electronic and more chilled out acoustic music to create this unusual sound.  These seem a strange grouping of music genres however these totally blend well together on The Fish That Never Swam, the first in a series of four EPs which are set to be released eight weeks apart.

Tait undoubtedly has a head for a good beat.  Every single track has a fantastic drumbeat, which marches the track on, and keeps the listeners head moving in time with the track.  The lyrics for each track are incredible.  Louie is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most eloquent, intelligent and well-spoken songwriters Scotland has seen.

Although rap music may not be for everyone, this band have such genuine talent and are totally fresh and different, they manage to grip people who wouldn’t usually fall into the rap genre.  Each song is so relatable, especially if you are from Glasgow.  The tracks on this EP describe typical scenes from Scotland and typical characters you may come across in the city centre on a Friday night.

Once again, Hector Bizerk have smashed it!  The Fish That Never Swam is so worth a listen!

- Martina Salveta

Hector Bizerk - The Fish That Never Swam is out now and is available on CD via the band's Big Cartel and on download via iTunes.

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