Monday, 6 October 2014

That's My Jam #39 - Oxford Coast - Lone Wolf

For those not brushed up on their English county geography, Oxford Coast is a somewhat misleading name, being non-existant for a start.  That it's also the stage name of Perthshire musician Chris Latham somewhat muddies the waters further.  There'll be a reason for the nom-de-plume I'm sure, but right now it hardly matters.

Opening with piano chords, there's an instant bittersweet appeal to Lone Wolf  as the dulled piano and guitar are joined by Latham's slightly reverby vocals lamenting about the girl who "when she gets you" is going to "pull you apart".  Building to a heart swell inducing crescendo, Lone Wolf  delivers in all respects with Latham's wailing vocals and lyrics remiscient of a polished Connor Oberst.  On the basis of this debut offering we suspect that, much like the titular lone wolf, Oxford Coast won't be tied down for much longer.

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