Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Album Review - Suspire - Suspire

Originally from Glasgow, Suspire are a half-pop, half-rock synth band producing incredible vibes to portray both an enchanted and disillusioned world.  The four members are truly unique, and include Brian Cunningham, Chris Kelly and Clare and Paul Duffin.  This talented team just released their creative self-titled debut album, a perfect combination of electro, pop and rock sounds.

Sleep is an electronic lullaby made of candid rhythms.  The melodious chant and powerful lyrics take us on a magnetic journey, for our own enjoyment.

On A Clear Day has a faster pace and a heavier vibe with lingering voices coming from everywhere.  It resonates like an echo in your head and displays both a peaceful and atmospheric feel.

Moonshine is a lot more electronic, reminding us of MGMT, with its mix of melodious and raw sounds.  It is an “earful” of colours, another dimension with no such things as time or pessimistic feelings.

Salvation Sister is a darker and slower track, a lot more similar to the alternative band Pixies.  It brings out the rock side of the group; we find the sweet picking of guitars again combined with hushed echoes and a more expressive voice.

Yes! has a positive rhythm, a communicative energy.  It is a successful mix of genres thanks to the electronic synthesiser, rocking guitars and pop undertones.

Hold On and Catalyst are the quietest songs of the album.  They are both calm and subtle melodies with just the necessary amount of guitar, drums and synthesiser.  They have the bare minimum, yet, they are perfect as they are and the brilliant solos of distorted guitar amplify the magic.

The main qualities of Abigail are the clean guitar, the melodious sounds and the syrupy voice with enchanting back-ups.  A wonderful track to listen to.

Little Kid Strange is made of candid and harmonious backing vocals in addition to naïve electronic sounds, yet, it is a mature track, brilliantly representing the band's strengths.

Dodos has a rocker tone, a bit darker and perhaps less innocent than the other songs of the album. Still, the electronic undertones bring out a joyful side.  It is a brilliant finish to a sweet and sour album and another reason why Suspire are unique.

- Alexandra Andréoli

Suspire - Suspire is out now, self-released by the band via Pledge Music, and is available on limited edition CD here and download via iTunes.

The band will be live on STV Glasgow on Friday 21st November and on BBC Radio Scotland Friday 28th November.

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