Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Single Review - Beard Of Truth - Bad Kids

Beard of Truth is an offshoot of Edinburgh band The Last Battle, allowing lead singer Scott Longmuir to air his solo stuff, and the debut single Bad Kids  is simply beautiful.  This is the first single from forthcoming EP A New Light  although promises of an album on it's way have also been made.

The stripped back sound with only a guitar and quiet drums suits Longmuir’s vocals perfectly and allow the story of the song to take centre stage.  The track is coloured with nostalgia; harking back to the days where the band could be ‘Bad Kids once again’.  The recording setting may have influenced this theme as some of the EP was recorded in Longmuir’s childhood bedroom.

This may only be a side project to The Last Battle however if this single is a sign of things to come from Beard of Truth then the project will definitely be able to shine in its own right.

- Stuart Thompson

Beard Of Truth - Bad Kids  is available for free download from Beard Of Truth's Soundcloud page.

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