Monday, 24 November 2014

EP Review - Medals - Dancer

Originally conceived whilst JP Reid; front man of Sucioperro; was on a break from touring, Medals has proven to be a way of expanding and developing JP’s art of mixing and producing great music, with the band now extended out to include Marieanne Fraser, David Aird, Mike Logg and Fergus Munro.

The new EP Dancer  has a little something for everyone on it.  First track I Used to be a Dancer  has a very pop-electronic feel to it.  The harmonies on this track are excellent and the bass line has a real kick to it, which combined with the drums is a touch of genius.

The second track on the EP, Sing on the Same Day Parade,  has some tremendous synths and beautiful guitar parts.  The harmonies again on this track are incredible and the song just continues to build and build into a brilliant breakdown, which is quite stripped back with just guitar and vocals before it all kicks back in. This track is a particular highlight on the EP.

Fingers  is slightly more stripped back than the first two tracks with the main focus more chilled out acoustic guitar and piano.  It is a really relaxing and soothing song with the vocals on this track really making for something special.

Closer I’m Ready For My Close Up  is more along the same lines as the first two tracks. Upbeat and with some brilliant percussion sections and a killer bass line the song features the same chorus line as I Used to be a Dancer  however has a totally different feel to it.

This is a tremendous EP and a great one to wrap your ears around.

- Martina Salveta

Medals - Dancer  is out now via Medas For Everyone and can be downloaded via iTunes.

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