Thursday, 20 November 2014

Single Review - Felix Champion - These Four Walls

Felix Champion are a post-hardcore and alternative-rock band following the same pattern of collective geniuses such as We Are the Ocean.  Armed with both a fiery temperament and well-written lyrics, combined with a dynamic rhythm, they are on their way to conquer the post-hardcore forefront.

And with a track like These Four Walls, a well thought out succession of rumbling riffs and rocking vocals, it’s no wonder.  They casually alternate between hardcore and pop-rock with ease.  It is a heartfelt tune which was brilliantly put together and magnified, thanks to the band's wild chemistry.  It is an electrifying anthem to push to high volume and even to wake up the neighbours to. 

Far from being repetitive, Felix Champion managed to be both audacious and persuasive, in addition to be lively yet personal.  A song like These Four Walls demonstrates once again the potential of their craft and their sincere originality.  Their live performances, which are truly pandemonium, are a must-see and their music undeniably screams talent.

If Felix Champion continue to impress and to make people talk about them, four walls will definitely not be enough to contain their talent... and we thank them for that.

Alexandra Andréoli

Felix Champion - These Four Walls is out now via Bloc+Music and is available on download here.
Their debut album, This Lateral Life will be out on Monday 24th November 24th.

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