Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Single Review - Copper Lungs - Cloud Nine

After the release of their admirable debut record last April, Copper Lungs are back on track with a fresher and louder single.  Originally from Dundee, the four members of the band have a positive energy which can be found in their music and which spreads quickly to fill the hearts of their listeners with a pleasant thrill.

Cloud Nine has a brilliant vivacity, the rhythm is catchy, the voice is easy-going and the lyrics are inspiring.  Thus, it has all the necessary ingredients to become a pop-rock anthem, and it even has a small pinch of indie music, which definitely brings out an unrivalled and spicy flavour.  It is a well-prepared recipe and a pleasure to music lovers' ears.

The song has a changing pace but it manages to be coherent, since it has been carefully structured, and the combination of drums and guitar is undoubtedly well-mastered.  The band have a rather basic set of instruments, two guitars, a bass and drums, yet, each member is unique and indispensable to create this blazing harmony of sounds.

Copper Lungs definitely have an impeccable chemistry that will leave you breathless.

Alexandra Andréoli

Copper Lungs - Cloud Nine is out now via Thin Hippo Records and is available on download via Soundcloud.

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