Thursday, 20 November 2014

EP Review - in:tides - Yours Is The Earth

Yours Is The Earth is the atmospheric debut EP of post-rock band in:tides.  This four members collective, originally from Glasgow, are full of promises and their tunes offer breathing space, a pure moment of mind-blowing instrumental music.

The EP is composed of four epic songs and starts with A Moment of Clarity, a harmonious track, both beguiling and calm.  The soft pace, clean drums and guitars, embellish the song and make it an authentic track, a peaceful melody and a transparent story.

Porcelain Waves is a stroke of genius, a truly inspiring post-rock track which carefully and genuinely matures.  It is longer, louder, even heavier, yet, because the guitar and the drums are in symbiosis, the song is a fulfilling experience.

Yellow Leaves From Maple Trees is full of colour and imagery, thus, it makes it possible to picture the leaves gently falling off the trees.  Thanks to this melody, the band captured the perfect moment when time stops - and it truly works like magic.

Title track Yours Is The Earth is a blazing experience, a fascinating taste of rock experimental.  It is hard to believe that it is already the last song of this astonishing EP but it is a flawless finish with both the right notes and the perfect rhythm.

in:tides produces the type of ambient melodies which will make you feel infinite.

Alexandra Andréoli

in:tides - Yours is the Earth is out now and is available on download Bandcamp.  The record recently won Post-Rock Album of the Week on Reddit.

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