Monday, 16 March 2015

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 16th March 2015

Every now and again in the life of doing this show, there comes along one week where I am genuinely in awe of the amount of great music the internet lets me unearth.  This is one of those weeks as the quality of music is outstanding. 

On the show there's a track from each side of the new Catholic Action and Poor Things split, a stonking track from the new Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat LP, plus new music from Froth, The Pooches, Wendell-Borton, Youngstrr Joey and more.

Catholic Action - L.U.V
Froth - Pedalo
Spinning Coin - Albany
Buffalo Heart - Dig a Pit
The New Fabian Society - Hemorrhage
Asthmatic Astronaut - On The Other Side of the Mirror
CLASSIC TRACK - Primal Scream - Accelerator
Drunk Mule - One Trick Pony & The Magic Band
Electric Gardens - Piano Mouth
The Pooches - Carnival
Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - Street Pastor Colloquy, 3AM
Shona Brown - Counting Clouds
Kathryn Joseph - The Blood
Sorren Maclean - Way Back Home
I am David Laing - Marmalade
COVER LOVER - King Creosote - Grace
Dec '91 - Lost All Hope
Youngstrr Joey - Cheerleaders
Poor Things - Friends
Wendell-Borton - Saucy
Schnarff Schnarff - Desk
Young Fathers - Shame
Monogram - Minerals
RE-MIXING IT UP - Machines In Heaven - Hindu Milk (Modifier Remix)
Turtle - Silent Weapons
Sacred Paws - Vince

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