Wednesday, 11 March 2015

That's My Jam #52 - Mt. Doubt - Asunder

"Songs I wrote in my bedroom" is how Mt. Doubt is described on their Facebook page.  Which is one of the reasons why latest track Asunder  is so fucking impressive.  I know, I know, people can do all sorts in their bedroom these days [snigger], but the completeness and expansive sound of Asunder  goes beyond what I'd class as lo-fi bedroom recordings, or uber produced bedroom recordings.

Hailing from Edinburgh, Mt. Doubt have released consistently good tracks online, and Asunder  seems like the natural progression from it's predecessors.  Following a playful clinking intro, sweeping drums, soulful vocals, and atmospheric guitars swirl up to the pinnacle of the track; it's building and soaring outro.  More please.

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