Monday, 9 March 2015

That's My Jam #50 - Foreignfox - Frostbite

he first time I heard the new single Frostbite  from Dunfermline foursome Foreignfox was when the band where session guests on the Scottish Fiction radio show some weeks back.  As they practiced the track a few times, I sat engrossed, thinking to myself "this is bloody brilliant."

Fast forward a few weeks, and the single has been released in it's full pomp and glory, and to my ear it's every bit as glorious as I'd remembered.  Having developed and enjoyed success on the back of their last EP Frostbite  shows all the signs of a band fully in control of their sound and where they see themselves as a band.  Johnny Watt's passionate vocals glow with warmth, there's a insanely catchy pop heart beating beneath this track, a trait that has not harmed Fatherson, a band with whom Foreignfox share more than just tour dates with.

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