Monday 2 March 2015

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 2nd March 2015

This week's show is absolutely stacked with great new music which more than makes up for the fact that I can hardly talk.  Covering all bases there's music from Hector Bizerk, the new single from Foreignfox, hazy pysch pop from LYLO, a vocal led track from Turtle, rich instrumental from digitialanalogue and much much more.  Make sure to check out each artist if you like the cut of their jib.

Young Fathers - Rain or Shine
Jonnie Common - Binary 101
Kill The Waves - Vow
Lush Purr - Rut
Errors - Slow Rotor
Hector Bizerk - Skin and Bone
Mayor Stubbs - Abandon Ship
Sorren Maclean - Rows & Rows of Boxes
COVER LOVER - Rachel Sermanni - I Want You Back
Ashley Park - Long Good Night
Death Let Her - A Picture of the Times
Thirty Pounds of Bone - Ribbon
Trapped Mice - When I Sleep
digitalanalogue - ID 83846 (Don't Look Down)
Spinning Coin - Hanging Gown
Lylo - Separate and Sway
Turtle - Silent Weapons
C Duncan - And I
Mt. Doubt - Asunder
Foreignfox - Frostbite
UNIFORMS - Pink Couch
Pinact - Anxiety
RE-MIXING IT UP - Wozniak - Five Star (in violet remix)
Shona Brown - Your Silence Is So Loud
Tongues. - Anymore

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