Friday, 20 March 2015

That's My Jam #53 - Catholic Action - L.U.V

There's really something special about the new track L.U.V  from Glasgow four-piece Catholic Action.  The sounds are really familiar; touches of Franz Ferdinand art-rock, punches of 70's era punk, and hints of Edwyn Collins style pop; yet at the same time molded into something that feels urgent and fresh.

Perhaps it's against the backdrop of electro-pop which is; rightly it must be said; holding fort in many corners of the internet at the moment, but Catholic Actions style of DIY slacker-pop, littered with the above influences, is at the forefront of a number of bands plying such sounds in Glasgow and further afield. 

This track is part of a split with Poor Things which will be released on Fuzzkill Records on 30th March.  It's infectiously catchy, and embodied all the reasons why Catholic Action are about to be lauded by more and more people.

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