Friday, 13 March 2015

Single Review - Admiral Fallow - Evangeline

Whilst fans of Glasgow five piece, Admiral Fallow, wait patiently for the bands third album to be released, a little teaser has emerged in the form of new track Evangeline.  For many of the fans, this new track might be quite different from what they were expectingIt has a little less folk and pop than some of their previous stuff, and a lot more indie edge, with some electronic vibes present as well. 

The lyrics don’t quite sync up with the melody at times, which on paper sounds like a disaster.  But in reality it is mesmerizing and helps to make this track stand out from the crowd, along with the prominent drums. 

However, the essence of Admiral Fallow is still undeniably present here.  Those vocal harmonies and upbeat instrumentation that smother the listener in happiness and warmth develop throughout Evangeline. 

This track does not sound like much else that is around at the moment, giving it a beautifully fresh (and at times uneasy) quality.  That being said, it is still full of sincerity with regards to the band that created it, and hints towards elements of a new sound on the upcoming album

- Gillian Parfery

Admiral Fallow - Evangeline  is available to download now on iTunes,  Admiral Fallow will be playing various festivals over the summer if you fancy hearing some of their new stuff live.

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