Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Algernon Doll Takeover - Day #2

Awrite.  My name is Owen and I play drums in Algernon Doll.  Most people call me Oj, so if we ever meet, go for that.  As you probably know, Neil has been kind enough to leave his blog in our hands for the week and now it's my turn to say some hings.

I've decided that it could be a good shout for me to tell everybody about some Scottish bands that I'm dead excited about this year.  I know that's not particularly creative or anything but I didn't really know what else to say.

I'm gonna list three bands who definitely have records out this year followed by a few mentions of other bands I like a lot.

Herbert Powell

I think I've only seen Herbert Powell twice now, which seems insane.  They're a 4 piece band from the surrounding areas of Glasgow and they seem to play aw the time in the city, which is great.  Imagine Gang of Four, Fugazi and Speedy Ortiz all had a wean.  They're kind of like that, but also so very different.  Anyway, they're releasing a record this year and I really can't wait for it.  They're always on great bills too so definitely go and see them live.


Pinact are great.  They write pop songs that are awfy fuzzy and awfy loud and awfy gid.  I have no idea how many times I've seen Pinact (gonna guess around 20?) but they put on a good show everytime.  We toured with them last summer and are touring with them again next month which is gonna be aw the fun.  They also have a record coming out this year on a cool label so that's defz something to check out.

Poor Things

Poor Things released a record in 2014 that for some reason seemed to slip completely under the radar.  It's an absolute banger anaw!  They also write pop songs that have fuzzy elements, and other cool elements.  I really hate describing bands.  I'm sorry.  Just go and listen to them k.

Here's a list of a few other bands/acts that may or may not have releases lined up this year. Regardless, they excite me and I look forward to seeing them play again.   Manuscripts, Pronto Mama, The Sinking Feeling, Lost Limbs, and Chrissy Barnacle.

Thank you if you took the time to read my beige patter.  But trust me, everyone listed above is well worth checking out at some point.  The Scottish music scene is pretty exciting just now.  As I type this I'm thinking about more bands and labels I could talk about.  Go and find cool stuff!

Oj x

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  1. scottish bands have my heart <3
    thanks for informing me of some more to listen to!
    Also, LOVE algernon doll and Pinact xoxo