Sunday, 11 January 2015

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 11th January 2015

2014 had so much incredible music that we can't quite cut the apron strings just yet, which is why on this first new Scottish Fiction show of 2015, we've plumped for playing a whole heap of our favourite tracks from last year.  A little late perhaps, but don't think of this as a definitive list (as I could easily fill another two hour show with great songs from last year) but as a selection of some of the music that floated our audible boat in 2014.  Tunes from Campfires In Winter, Prehistoric Friends, Monogram, Tuff Love, ULTRAS, Hector Bizerk and much much more are all nestled in this episode.

Vasa - Not A Cop
Conquering Animal Sound - The Next Day
Monogram - Romance
Foreignfox - Yoghurt
Skinny Dipper - Hospital Bed
Boygirlanimalcolour - JUPITER FIST
United Fruit - Open Your Eyes
The Phantom Band - The Wind That Cried The World
Book Group - Here Is Too Near
Campfires In Winter - We'll Exist
Stanley Odd - Son I Voted Yes
Hector Bizerk - A Pearl Paints A Thousand Pictures
Machines In Heaven - Feel Slow
Mogwai - Teenage Exorcists
Turtle - Lavender
Siobhan Wilson - Dear God
Gone Wishing - The Watchers
Behold, The Old Bear - Restless Day
Wozniak - Paper Hat
C Duncan - For
ULTRAS - This Is Where I Fall
Deathcats - Liquid Gold
Tuff Love - Slammer
Prehistoric Friends - Wisdom Tooth
Roxy Agogo - Crocodiles

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