Monday, 19 January 2015

EP Review - Deathcats/New Swears - Split EP

Glasgow's favourite punk outfit Deathcats, married Ottawa's 'ultimate party boys' New Swears with a blessing from Fuzzkill Records.  Their union has resulted in the fuzziest of EPs following on from Deathcats' debut album release in June and New Swears' second record last August.  Like in that Simpson's episode where Ned Flanders meets his Canadian doppelganger, New Swears are basically Deathcats’ Canadian equivalent.  Which is no bad thing of course. 

The EP is a jaunty DIY punk party.  Opener Liquid Gold  is a whirlwind of distortion and energetic longing, while EP closer End Game  follows the same suit with a teasingly slow start but euphoric choruses.

What goes up, must come down, and after Liquid Gold  comes the slow and heartfelt riff coupled with a few "ooh-oohs" which makes Sprint  the EP’s best track.  Throw in a melancholy line like, "I used to be faster/but now I can’t get past the couch", and you’ve got yourself a winner.

For New Swears side of the split EP, Satan Loves You  is simply a cheery reminder for when you’re feeling down while Scru Bar’s House  has the punk’s holy trinity of simple lyrics, shambolic riff and distortion.  Renegade Babes  is reminiscent of Wavves with a bass heavy solo, and closer Sloppy Blackout  is home to the catchiest chorus on the EP.

Following the release of this EP, and some final 'goodbye' shows, Deathcats’ went on hiatus in January.  "Always leave them wanting more" goes the wise saying.  This EP is the perfect parting gift.  And at least, we’ve still got New Swears holding the fort.

- Holly Callender

Deathcats / New Swears - Split EP  is available on Fuzzkill Records now as a cassette and digital download here.

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