Monday, 19 January 2015

Single Review - Mt. Doubt - Feathers

Mt. Doubt whispers into our lives on a hint of dark synth but does not waste much time before exploding into a grand sound.  Feathers  is the debut single from the solo artist, who only goes by Mt. Doubt thus far.  It sounds like it has enough layers however to be a full band, so kudos to the Edinburgh artist for nailing a full sound on his first attempt.

Feathers  is a dark pop song which does what the best dark pop does, it’s uplifting.  The driving guitar riff and crushing drums remind me of White Lies however the voice accompanying is entirely unique and encapsulating.  He has a subtle likeness to David Byrne but this is something altogether new.  The chorus line, “baby you and I” is one of the most beautiful and infectious pop moments of the year so far.  Although coming in at four minutes long, it’s a song which you want more and more of.  Here’s hoping we get more of Mt. Doubt as soon as possible, he definitely has a bright future.

- Scott Hastie

Mt. Doubt - Feathers is out now and available for free download here.

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