Friday, 9 January 2015

Single Review - IndianRedLopez - Commit

I used to live in Aberdeen, you know.  I came across IndianRedLopez when I used to write for another website years ago, supporting someone that I can't remember.  They made such an immediate impression on me that I bought their debut album the moment it was released.

Commit is the latest single from the group's second album and is the title track from the record, which was released via Cease:Stop in 2014.  The album sees the band hone their electronic influences even further than their debut Empty Your Lungs and Breathe and the single is an anthemic track with ethereal keys and guitar bounce over a four to the floor beat.

The lament, "Some people say never look back... But I always look back," is as melancholic a line as you'll find, but the track adds layers as it moves on, before bursting into a rallying call in the later section.  It is a good manifesto for the band who deserve more exposure, as you won't find anyone else on the Scottish music scene that sounds quite like them, and Commit serves as a strong end to the album.

- Mark Shields

IndianRedLopez - Commit is out now via Cease:Stop and is available to download from iTunes.

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