Saturday, 24 January 2015

EP Review - A Hopeless Cause - So Far From Fine

Originally from the east coast of Scotland, the emo rock band, A Hopeless Cause prove that there is strength in unity and that, despite their title, not all causes are hopeless.  Indeed, in this, for now, two-member collective, all songs are written by Tommy Smith who is also in charge of the vocals, guitar and bass, while Chris James Marr, the engineer mix master, plays the drums and some additional instruments.

So Far From Fine, the first punk indie rock EP of the band, is both a narrative and heartfelt cry.  The band use a continuous wistful tone, even when they sing about something positive to bring a touching frailty to this EP.  Goodbye, Old Town is a doom and gloom start with a calm guitar melody at the beginning and an intense rumble of drums at the end.  You Will Never Be My Emergency Contact is a rhythmic letter with a simple drum beat, a sweet guitar riff, a backing vocalist and both clear and accurate lyrics.  Lonely Alone is painfully true and unsettling.  Spring Forward, Fall Back is a musical trip with the passing season.  You Wear My Heart On Your Sleeve and Without You I'm Nothing, With You I'm Something are wisps of hope and announce, perhaps, a step into recovery.

A Hopeless Cause put all of their cards on the table, and have found the simple, yet effective, way to make both genuine and engaging music.

- Alexandra Andréoli

A Hopeless Cause – So Far From Fine is out now and is available to download for free via Bandcamp.

The band will be playing their first show at the Cerberus Bar in Dundee on Thursday 12th February.

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