Thursday, 15 January 2015

Algernon Doll TAKEOVER #4 - BANDSPOOGE - Lost Limbs

If I had a blog I'd like there to be a feature where I talk about who I'm most excited about locally right now.  I've decided it would be called, 'Bandspooge' as I think that's hilarious.  Anyway, I've picked Lost Limbs for my feature today and here's why they're deserving of your attention.

Lost Limbs are a 3-piece screamo/indie band from Glasgow/Dundee.  I'm not going to get into the definition of screamo but in the vein of Raein / Daitro.  What interests be about Lost Limbs is the structures and melodies.  All members are gifted players and while the riffs are technical, they don't sound forced.  All notes adding something to the melody and texture.  To me, these are indie songs with grove and girth!

They have a two track demo on Bandcamp now and there's still a few CD's available if you want to support them.  I know they're working on a full album with Ross Middlemiss (Little Anchors, Stonethrower, Pensioner) which is one of my most anticipated releases of the year!

Catch them live on 12th February in Glasgow @ Bloc, 15th February in Dundee @ Redd Suite and 31st March with Spanish emoviolence/ scramz band Enoch Ardon at the Old Hairdressers!

Oh...they have a bit wi blast beats too!

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