Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Album Review - Machines In Heaven - bordersbreakdown

Such is the immediacy and urgency of music nowadays, pushed on by internet blogs such as this, and the constant push for NEW MUSIC, that we often turn attention to the next thing in a particular scene or genre.  With CHVRCHES exploding last year, the public's gaze almost automatically turns to find the next big electronic artist.  Luckily for us here in Scotland, we don't need to look far.

Machines In Heaven's debut album bordersbreakdown builds upon 2013's impressive Glasgow Jihad EP, delivering an album of genuine quality that deserves to be heard by everyone.  The band's unique mix of electronics, shoe-gaze like guitar and bass so deep that it is subterranean comes together beautifully over these ten tracks with repeated listens revealing more and more layers to the band's sound.

At their best, MiH come across like a mix of Ride and Kraftwerk backed by My Bloody Valentine, Kid A era Radiohead, The Pixies and a large amount of the Warp catalogue.  Tracks like the oustanding Parliament Is Made of Rice Paper, Mumbo Jingo and Remembrance bring all these influences together in a mesmerising way but crucially they are only part of the equation as MiH make sure that their sound is the one you hear and that sound is very special indeed.  This album is a must have.

- David McElroy

Machines In Heaven - bordersbreakdown is out now on Hot Gem Records and can be purchased from Amazon and other online retailers as well as in store at several local record shops.

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