Tuesday, 3 June 2014

That's My Jam #31 - IndianRedLopez - Any Given City // CS Buchan - Leave It All Behind

I love split 7" releases.  It's like when you buy a packet of crisps from the vending machine and TWO fall out.  In the case of the new one from IndianRedLopez and CS Buchan, both sides are fully deserving of the asking price.

Any Given City soars with the vocals of IndianRedLopez front man Mike Chang, amidst a warm and building melody which stirs up all sorts of emotions.  When the chorus kicks in, signalled by a pounding bass drum, set dials for epic.

Also lending vocals to Any Given City is Katie Buchan, whose ethereal voice takes the lead on father CS Buchan's track Leave It All Behind.  This track however, in a strangely effective juxtaposition, broods like a folky dream.

Both tracks are out on Fit Like Records on 7" yellow vinyl on 16th June, and can be pre-ordered/streamed here or via the widget below.

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