Monday, 30 June 2014

That's My Jam #32 - Siobhan Wilson - Dear God

Some singers are blessed with voices that are so hauntingly beautiful, so achingly pure that they could turn heads amidst a full scale bar brawl.  Previous Scottish Fiction Session guest Siobhan Wilson is one such singer. 

Her latest track, Dear God, is part of the next Song, By Toad Records split 12" and was recorded at Inshriach House during the Insider Festival, which gives it that little more atmosphere.  Siobhan's vocals are reminiscent of Jeff Buckley on the Sin-é EP; haunting with each breath hanging in the air, seductive and soft.

Intricate and beautiful guitars provide the breeze behind Siobhan's voice, completing a package that is as close to perfect as one could ask from a folk-styled female singer songwriter.

Siobhan Wilson - Dear God  can be downloaded for free here, or via the widget below, ahead of the full split 12" release via Song, By Toad Records on 14th July.  You can pre-order the split 12", which also features Jonnie Common, Sparrow and the Workshop and David Thomas Broughton here.

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