Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Who do you think will win The SAY Award? - The Public Vote

or the last four days here at Scottish Fiction, we've been canvassing to find out who YOU think will win the third Scottish Album of the Year Award

The award, as well you know by now, honours the best Scottish album from 2013 drawn from a long list of twenty chosen by independent industry nominators.  The public got their say (no pun intended) for 72 hours between 26th and 28th May to choose one album that they thought should be on the short list of ten, a process which threw up Biffy Clyro Opposites as the winner.  Now it's all down to the eleven SAY Award judges as to who walks away with the prize of £20,000.

This year's short list reads like a who's who of Scottish music.  Biffy Clyro, last year's winner RM Hubbert, the intangible but hugely influential Boards of Canada, post-rock behemoths Mogwai and indie cult heroes Edwyn Collins, Steve Mason and The Pastels.  It's not all about the established acts though as Young Fathers and Hector Bizerk both have a spot in the short list - check out our interview with Louie from Hector Bizerk here - and although they are a household name in the UK, it's worth remembering the CHVRCHES have only risen to such heights within the last 18 months.

Who'd want to pick from the short list?  Award ceremonies always have an edge of argument about them, as fans and critics alike debate why their chosen artists should have won.  And that is part of the appeal, and the joy of music, that we all individually love, respect, enjoy and hold to acclaim different music but with equal passion and vigour.  So while it is the decision of eleven judges to choose the official winner, here are the results of our Scottish Fiction public vote.

Biffy Clyro, Opposites  - 10.91%
Boards of Canada, Tomorrow's Harvest  -  7.27%
CHVRCHES, The Bones of What You Believe   - 23.64%
Edwyn Collins, Understated   - 7.27%
Hector Bizerk, Nobody Seen Nothing   - 12.73%
Mogwai, Les Revenants  - 3.64%
RM Hubbert, Breaks & Bone   - 3.64%
Steve Mason, Monkeys Mind In The Devil's Time  - 3.64%
The Pastels, Slow Summits  - 14.55%
Young Fathers, Tape Two  - 12.73% 

So if the readers of Scottish Fiction and participants of this poll are to be believe then come Thursday 19th June, electro-pop trio CHVRCHES will have another jewel to pop in their crown.  Polling slightly under 25% of the vote, they were the clear popular winner.

Hector Bizerk and Young Father both polling a good level of public support, showing that despite being the two least recognised artists, in terms of sales and longevity, they are already resonating with the public and would not, on the basis of this poll at least, be 'unknown' winners. 

Whatever the result on Thursday evening, one thing is sure, the argument will continue but the real winner will be the public profile of Scottish music.

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