Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 11th June 2014

Post GoNorth and pre SAY Awards, this episode of Scottish Fiction coories in snuggly with a raft of great new tracks for company.  In bed with us this week is both tracks from the forthcoming IndianRedLopez and CS Buchan split 7", the latest single from Paws, stunning electro-pop from The Wild Curve, and sludgy shoegaze via Wozniak.  Scottish Fiction, your one stop shop for the best new Scottish music.

The Wild Curve - Warriors
House Fire Kid - Risk It
AmatrArt - Souls
IndianRedLopez - Any Given City
CS Buchan - Leave It All Behind
Blue Rose Code - One Day At A Time
Finn LeMarinel - Life Is Not Like Water
Steve Mason - Oh My Lord
Bis - Control The Radical
Paws - Owls Talons Clenching My Heart
Fat Goth - Sweet Mister Scary
Kings Arms - Good Luck Jonathon
Wozniak - El Maresme

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