Monday, 23 June 2014

The Spook School Takeover! Day 1

This is the voice of The Spook School!  Scottish Fiction you are our prisoner for the next week!

We always have an incredibly soft spot in our hearts for Neil and the blog. We even played one of our very first shows for him in Glasgow!

Looking like the children we truly are.
That’s why it’s all the more awkward that we tied him up in our Spooky HQ with nothing to do except re-watch Smash Hits interviews with S Club Juniors. - (Damn, they actually made some really catchy tunes!)

For the next week we will be doing what we want on the blog.  Expect narcissism, self-portraits, self-interviews, selfies, self-flagellation, self-discovery and, most likely, self-destruction.

Let’s start as we mean to continue.  DOGGING.

We have recently returned from playing some shows in the United States of that there America.

New York Stage Invasion [Photo by SoundBitesNYC]
As with any foreign excursion there is always the risk of miscommunication.  For us this happened in Burlington, Vermont.  As Niall, our slightly debauched drummer, asked the audience if they wanted to go dogging with him in the ‘parking lot’ after the show (a perfectly reasonable request I'm sure you'll agree) he got a strange response.

"What’s dogging?"
"Yeah, what’s dogging? It sounds fun!"

After realising dogging is not a ‘thing’ in America he attempted to laugh off their questions and continue with the show.  However, when the next song ended he was again asked for more information about this fun sounding ‘dogging’ phenomenon.

We will spare you Niall’s incredibly graphic explanation but suffice to say it is a rare sight to see so many smiling American smiling faces slowly morph into visages of disgust.  In the aftermath a lone hand in the crowd is raised and moves forward to ask a question.

"And you’re telling us everyone in the UK goes dogging?"

There is now an American city out there who have an unshakable belief that after a hard day at work we all park up at Arthur's Seat for a good auld Scottish dogging session.  Oh what wonderful cultural ambassadors we are!

Tune in tomorrow for to learn about the invention of the Ruta-bagel, how we were offered free knee surgery, and trying to look sexy night swimming in Baltimore.

Also there will be less references to dogging...sorry.

Artist representation of the reaction post-learning about DOGGING

Lots of love!

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