Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Battle Of The Bands - Round 1

Ding ding!  After a few days of geeky trash talk our new joint feature with David from the excellent Kowalskiy blog got under way tonight.  As you may recall David and myself will be sparring it up every two weeks in a Top Trump duel via the interweb world of Twitter.  Instead of comparing 1970's Dutch footballers we shall be using the vital statistics of Scottish bands to try and outwit each other.  For those who want a recap on the rules of this musical melee then take a peek here.  For those who are all about the blood lust then keep reading! 

Whilst I had confidence I knew I'd need to enlist help.  And in our corner I had the help of none other than Dundee five piece Seams.  I had the home advantage which means that I had control of the picks.  Remember our categories are Number Of Members, Years Active, Soundcloud Tracks, Twitter Follow Ratio, Band Name Scrabble Score, Average Age and Total.

Playing the opening gambit I went with what would appear a respectable Twitter Follow Ratio.  Following that we played the Number Of Members attribute before ending with a tactical decision to go for the Total attribute, where of course the lowest score wins.  Backing up Kowalskiy were Glasgow's indie-popsters French Wives.  Here's how they score up:

In case mathematics isn't you're strong suit, then the scoring went as such.  Kowalskiy took the first point, French Wives boosting a higher Twitter Follow Ratio.  The second point was split 50/50 with both bands comprised of five people.  That meant it all rested on the final roll of the dice.  Luckily, thanks to their sickeningly young Average Age and a pish poor Band Name Scrabble Score, my plucky band of Dundonians Seams rescued the point for Total score and ensured a draw of 1.5 points each.

I'll admit that I'm slightly disappointed that I didn't make more of the home advantage in this first round of the Battle Of The Bands.  But, equally I'm sure that Kowalskiy now realises that he isn't going to get things his own way!  Our next battle will be in a fortnight.  You can keep up to date with all our baiting on Twitter.

Despite our juvenile banter, the real focus is of course on the bands.  First up is our choice, Seams!

The gals and girls had this to say when we asked them how it felt to have drawn with French Wives in the opening heat of Battle Of The Bands.  "It's pretty cool to be a part of this new feature!  And to draw with French Wives is awesome!  We've supported them a few times in the past and they are just amazing."

We've featured them on the radio show before, and they have had the honour of being played on BBC Introducing by Ally McCrae, showing that it's not just us that like them!  Their debut EP 'Colours & Maps' is well worth investing in, which you can do here.  Looking forward to more new material from them, hopefully sooner than later!

And to prove we will never be sore losers, French Wives released their debut album, 'Dream Of The Inbetween' earlier this year, which you can get right here.  It's a cracking album and the band represent a stellar choice by Mr Kowalskiy.

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