Saturday, 7 July 2012

Scottish Fiction EP - The Treasure Hunt

We know how much you love free stuff, after all who doesn't!  We certainly like giving away free stuff, in the form of our FREE monthly EP's.  And with July's EP due at the end of this month, it's a milestone of sorts.  July's EP will be our 12th* and we're doing something a little bit special to mark the occasion.

* Technically we've done 13, but our Christmas one was a special EP for the charity Shelter so it wasn't free.

On the release of this month's EP, we are going to be hiding 12 tracks in amongst our existing 12 EP's.  We've asked 12 of our favourite Scottish artists to contribute a track each, amongst them are some exclusive brand spanking new tracks, and every one of them is a topper!

To add to the suspense and secrecy, we won't be revealing where the tracks are hidden, so to find them you're going to have to download each of our previous EP's to get the full lot.  But that's a good thing, because already on those 12 EP's is great music from the likes of Shambles Miller, The Spook School, The King Hats, Plastic Animals and many more!  So we'd like you to download them all because, and I guarantee this*, there will be something that will excite you in ways you've only experienced with the lights off.

* As the EP's are free, even if I break this guarantee, there's no refund.

To help whet your musical appetite here are the names of some of the artists involved.  We'll unveil the full 12 nearer the time!

Satellite Dub - Responsible for the blistering and sonically orgasmic 'Velikovsky Said' EP, Craig Brown (no not that one) a.k.a. Satellite Dub draws influence from Krautrock and Psychedelica to create textured synth inspired music.  Already a big favourite in Scotland's electronica scene, he's featured on BBC Radio 1 and played with Calvin Harris.  Sweeeeeeeeet!  Expect a new tune of epic proportions!

Lovers Turn To Monsters - A self billed lo-fi superhero, Kyle Wood, a.k.a. Lovers Turn To Monsters, specialises in acoustic emo-indie pop.  Armed with his guitar and a tape deck, LTTM has a prolific work rate, and when at his best stirs emotions that you stored away the last time you listened to early Bright Eyes.  Coming your way is a beautiful, and unheard/unreleased, cover version of a Guided By Voices track.

Miniature Dinosaurs - As well as hosting five-a-side football tourneys, the MD lads also made pretty darned good music!  The Stirling pop/rock four piece have in the past received praise from the likes of Ally McCrae, and have released singles on Saraseto Records and Electric Honey, and their new single 'Lemonade' will be out on Integrity Records on 13th August.  Get ready to go hunting for an acoustic version of a firm favourite.

DOLFiNZ - I'm showing my age when the first thing I can think of saying about Stonehaven three piece DOLFiNZ relates to grammar.  The uber cool use of a 'Z' instead of 'S', coupled with their fast and furious grunge/garage rock and an actual dolphin cursor on their website, means I'm more than willing to push past their penchant for over-using text speak.  With releases by Tuff Wx, CATH Records and more recently Song, By Toad all tucked in their baggy jeans, DOLFiNZ are ones to be excited about.  We've got something a little bit different in the form of an acoustic recording ready for your ears.

Ambulances - Having just released their second album 'Flying Simply Explained', which is fantastic by the way, the Fife 6-piece have also had the track 'Feeling Sick' remixed by Steve Mason.  Dubby!  With an ability to create insanely catchy hooks, and mix electronica with indie-rock effortless, we are excited to hear the track Ambulances are contributing from their vault.  You can bet it'll be good!

Randolph's Leap - Having recently had lead singer Adam on our radio show as a very special guest, it's no surprise that I'm a big Randolph's Leap fan.  And with good reason too!  This summer has seen the 8-piece take their quirky indie folk-pop to T In The Park, and with a headline slot at King Tut's Summer Nights as well as playing Fence Record's Away Game, they'll hopefully be filling the ears of more and more people.  Hiding away on one of our 12 EP's is a track from their very secret 'The Way Of The Mollusc' bonus EP.  Exciting!

The Son(s) - The Son(s) is as talented as he is mysterious.  Specialising in dreamy Americana, The Son(s) music at times is so easy going and laid back that you'd be forgiving for mistakenly thinking you were drifting down the Mississippi river on a warm summer day.  With the 'Leviathian' EP released on Olive Grove Records recently, we've managed to get our hands on the wonderful track 'Wanton', which, until now, has been previously unreleased.  It's, in our opinion, as good a track as any on the recent EP.

IndianRedLopez - Despite not knowing what the spacebar is for, Peterhead four piece IndianRedLopez know damned well how to make infectious indie-electronic music.  Their last album 'Empty Your Lungs And Breath' delivered plenty of promise, making it onto our top 20 albums of 2011, and with the band currently working on album number two we won't have to wait too long to hear that promise fulfilled.  Get a sneak preview of what's to come by getting a hold of an exclusive track!

We'll be announcing the remaining four artists in due course, and I can assure you they are just as exciting and talented as the eight acts above.  So mark Sunday 29th July in your diaries, not only for the release of July's EP, but for the release of these 12 secret tracks.  In the meantime you can check out what's already available by heading over to our Bandcamp page.


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