Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 11th July 2012

None of the above artists are actually featured on this latest podcast, but I was sorting my LP's out and it was a pretty picture.  What is featured on last Wednesday's show is our Featured Artist Camera Obscura, a track from Travis who were our Classic Scottish Album, and our Peenko Friday Freebie track from PET.  In amongst all that, Festival Focus looked at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, music from the likes of Zed Penguin, Meursault, Folé, Father Sculptor and much more!

Father Sculptor - Rhein
Barbarossa - Butterfly Plague
Blank Canvas - The Wrecker
Young Philadelphia - Ambitions Are A Joke
Chris Devotion & The Expectations - The Girl Is Leaving
Conquering Animal Sound - Ultimate Heat Death Of The Universe
Sean Armstrong - Bye Bye Balloon

Featured Artist
Camera Obscura - Eighties Fan
Camera Obscura - Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
Camera Obscura - French Navy

Folé - Better Sights
Bear Arms - Cities
Zed Penguin - Heathens

Peenko Friday Freebie - PET - Together Apart

Jonathan Snee - Good Blood
The Clock - 100 Hours
Aperture - Chemistry
Meursault - Flittin'

Festival Focus - Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival
Classic Scottish Album - Travis - She's So Strange - The Man Who
Frightened Rabbit - Fast Blood (Live)
Fatherson - Hometown

Drunk Mule - Fancy Pants
The Winter Tradition - Firelight
We Are The Physics - Goran Ivanisevic

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