Monday, 16 July 2012

Scottish Fiction EP - The Treasure Hunt - Update

A week ago on Saturday we unveiled probably the biggest thing to happen here on Scottish Fiction.  In less than two weeks time we'll be unleashing twelve fantastic tracks from some of the best Scottish artists around, slipping one hidden track onto each of our 12 monthly EP's.  Read all about just how it's going to work, and how awesome it all is right here.

And then come on back here and check out the next two names contributing a track.  It's exciting!

Mitchell Museum - Reformed, not like cheap luncheon meat but like ageing rock stars, Glasgow four piece Mitchell Museum a whole heap of fun wrapped up in quirky inventiveness.  In the process of recording their second album, the Mitchell Museum boys will be throwing a new track our way.

Discopolis - They were the soundtrack to summer last year, bursting onto the scene with urgency and riding a wave of expectations.  Beautifully crafting electronic shoegaze music, the past 12 months has seen Japanese super stardom, a single Zenithobia, and multiple plays on shows such as BBC Introducing In Scotland.  Exciting!

Remember, Sunday 29th July is the big date, when we scatter twelve tracks across the Scottish Fiction EP's. 

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