Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Battle Of The Bands - Round 2

Two week's ago Scottish music saw the biggest, baddest, roughest brawl that it has even witness.  It was round one of Battle Of The Bands, David from Kowalskiy and I's fortnightly duel where we pit our music prowess against each other, with the help of our chosen artist, Top Trump style.

For a blow by blow account of the last outing, have a read here.  The short version is that despite the best effort of both sides, David with the help of French Wives, me with the assistance of Seams, came up as equals, meaning round two begins with both camps on level scores.

If you're a stickler for the rules then jog your memory right here.  The most important things to recall however are that as I picked first last week, David has first dibs this time out.  And he's going to need it, as this week I've recruited the finest geography students Stirling has ever produced.  Confirming, once and for all, the existence of the world's 5th largest country, backing up Scottish Fiction against David and his recruit, The Pictish Trail, are... Brazil Exists!

As mentioned, David had first picks this week, meaning he choose our three competing attributes.  Secretly I was hoping the combo of a 'Z' and 'X' would serve well in the Scrabble Score stakes, and felt that with a healthy five members and five SoundCloud tracks we should be able to compete there too.  From the band card above you can see our weakness was Twitter Follow Ratio, and with a youthful exuberance meaning an average age of 20, if David plumped for a more experienced (read auld fart) artist then we'd be knackered.

Well, what do you suppose happened then?  Clearly valuing age over the letters present in a band's name, David plumped firstly for Average Age, following up with Twitter Follow Ratio and completing his clean sweep of the points with Years Since Formation.  As you can see from the above band cards, David wins each point, meaning that after last week's stalemate, first blood goes to Kowalskiy.

I'd like to say he was very humble in his victory, but that would be lying.  All that I will warn, is that Scottish Fiction will be back in a fortnight's time.

Of course as aside from David and I's growing rivalry, the real focus as always is our chosen musicians.  Having had the pleasure of seeing Brazil Exists supporting Frightened Rabbit a few months ago in Dunoon, I was again wowed by their live performance on Thursday 12th where they opened the King Tut's Summer Nights.  They have a very Frabbit-esqe sound, no surprise given the links to Andy of Frabbit who took producer credits on their EP 'The Hermit'.  That very same EP can be found online at iTunes.

David's choice then was the excellent The Pictish Trail, a.k.a. Johnny Lynch.  A man who is a revered figure in Scottish music, responsible for Fence Records, a wealth of recording himself, and a new EP on the way in the shape of 'The Summer Is Empty Of Idiots'.  Check out all the vital stats as well as how to get ahold of the new EP right here.

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