Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Battle Of The Bands - Round 3

With last fortnight's shameful defeat to Kowalskiy (sorry Brazil Exists, we tried!) in the Battle Of The Bands round 2, there is a lot riding on tonight's duel.  Win, and bring the scores level to 2 a piece.  Lose, and fall behind 3-1, with the next round in Kowalskiy's back garden.  No, its clear that only victory will suffice tonight!

Before we dive into the heat of battle, here's a quick recap of the rules:

Each blogger choose a Scottish band/artist
Bloggers take alternative turns to choose three categories (We have first pick in this round)
Highest score wins the point, except 'Total' where the lowest wins.
Best of three points, with the winner taking the spoils
Categories include 'Number Of Members', 'Years Since Formation', SoundCloud Tracks', Twitter Follow Ratio', 'Scrabble Score', 'Average Age' and 'Total'
For a full and detailed account of the rules, look no further.

This week I've gone for 8-piece folksters Randolph's Leap while David has gone north in search of success and chosen DOLFiNZ.  Have a quick comparison of the stats above, and read on to witness the whooping of Kowalskiy!

It would have been folly of me not to utilise Randolph's Leap behemoth size, in terms of band members that is, so my first pick was 'Total Band Members'.  As DOLFiNZ are a duo, that was 1-0 to me.

With a career spanning five years, and a rather prolific output, I was pinning my hopes on the 20 tracks nestling in Randolph's Leap's SoundCloud account to win my second point.  It was a close call granted as DOLFiNZ have an impressive 11 tracks.  Good David, but not good enough!

You might recall last fortnight, I lost 0-3 with David taking a clean sweep.  So now was the time to really twist the knife in.  And so for the final category I chose 'Twitter Follow Ratio', bumped up to an impressive 6.18 due to Randolph's Leap chronic anti social followings on Twitter!

Huzzah!  A clean sweep and the round goes to Scottish Fiction, tying the overall score at 2-2.  We'll do it all again in two weeks time, but as ever here's the low down on both bands.

Randolph's Leap have been busy over the past few months with appearances at T In The Park, Away Game, and King Tut's Summer Nights.  All very much deserved indeed, and they have put out a collection of their tunes so far on the 'Introducing... Randolph's Leap' album available at independent record stores and here.  We are huge fans of their quirky and humorous indie-folk music, and urge you to check them out!

In David's corner were Aberdeen duo DOLFiNZ.  We are also big fans of them, with their brand of lo-fi punk inspired alt-rock grabbing your attention and shaking it.  Recently they toured with PAWS and have also featured on a Song, By Toad Records split 12".  Exciting times!  More recently they also contributed a track to our EP Treasure Hunt!  Go find it here!

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