Sunday, 22 July 2012

Single/EP Review - Shambles Miller - Confessions

It's the return of everyone's favourite singer songwriter named Shambles!  Certainly at Scottish Fiction, we're pretty chuffed that Shambles Miller is back with his first new release since the 'Shambles Sails The Clockwork Sea' EP in October 2010.

'Confessions' was released by the bearded folkster on 9th July (yes we're forever behind in our reviews).  A regular within his live shows for a while now, the track gets a sprucing up here with backing vocals provided by Florence MacDonald, double bass courtesy of Neil Slorance and drums laid down by David Anderson.

It's a track that I'm glad has been given the full band treatment, as there's an extra spring in the step of Shambles witty lyrics, thanks to the fuller sound.  MacDonald's backing vocals are sweetly sung lifting the track to a slightly poppier level.

Lyrically Shambles is in top form as usual.  There's the references to pop culture; Labyrinth, Back To The Future, Dr Who, Bruce Springstein; witty one liners such as "so long and thanks for all the sex" and "I never really liked your mum" and an actual important message behind the song; the importance of friendship.

I'm a huge fan of Shambles songwriting and love the way that he engages the listener.  Listening to him sing lines such as the above, "I never really liked your mum", you can almost hear that cheeky bearded grin coming through.  And when you hear Shambles' Bowie impression, it's that of a guy who's truly having fun making music.

The chorus is spent telling us that "there's no point agonising over where it all went wrong", yet Shambles, like us all, can't help but dissect and reflect on the failings of past relationships.  It's a naturally human thing to do, and in 'Confessions' Shambles has hit a vein from which we've all bled.

B-Side 'Pieces' is a slower, more introverted number, which displays a little more emotion that 'Confessions'.  Perhaps this track was written in the immediate aftermath of the breakup, whilst 'Confessions' comes later, after the hurt has dulled somewhat.

'Confessions' is out now and can be purchased right here.  Download only is £2, or for only £3 you can purchase a CD version which comes with all sorts of goodies!

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