Monday, 23 July 2012

Scottish Fiction - The Treasure Hunt - Update

e left you hanging on for a while now to find out the last two contributors towards our Scottish Fiction free music treasure hunt!  On Sunday, we will be uploading our 12th FREE Scottish Fiction Monthly EP, and to mark this momentous occasion, we are also hiding 12 exclusive tracks from some of Scotland's best bands and artists in amongst those 12 EP's. 

We've already announced 10 of the artists who have contributed a track for you to sniff out.  Here's a recap of who on board already:

Satelitte Dub, Lovers Turn To Monsters, Miniature Dinosaurs, DOLFiNZ, Ambulances, Randolph's Leap, The Son(s), IndianRedLopez, Mitchell Museum, Discopolis.

Wowsers!  Read that list again, and then you too might revert to using 1950's hip words!  Well, with Sunday fast approaching it's time to unveil the last two artists involved.

The Mouse That Ate The Cat - Indie-electro-pop duo Brian and Colin, have been making music under the monkier of TMTATC since 2010, and what started as a side project has now evolved into something much more serious.  They've enjoyed plays on Radio 1, Amazing Radio, and have been touring for the best part of the summer this year in support of recent single 'I Am The Hottest Fire'.  We're mighty chuffed to have a shiny new track from the TMTATC lads!

Run/Lucky/Free - If you've been paying attention to our Scottish Fiction EP's then you'll notice this is Run/Lucky/Free's second appearance.  Why?  Well we enjoy their melodic indie pop tunes so much that we wanted them back on board.  They'll be kindly contributing another track, this one of course will be hidden for you to find!

Remember the hunt begins on Sunday so keep your eyes on the Scottish Fiction blog for the word go and get downloading to discover some great new Scottish music.

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