Sunday, 22 July 2012

Scottish Fiction - 18th July 2012

A wee short short last week, means we're rattling through some of the best new Scottish music in just one hour flat!  What we lack in quantity this week, we more than make up for in quality with music from Holy Esque, WINTERS, Father Sculptor, Brazil Exists and more!

Muscles Of Joy - Room Of Our Own
WINTERS - Part II: Depths
Miniature Dinosaurs - Lemonade
Father Sculptor - Frances
Two Years In Russia - Greggs Run (feat. Lou Hickey)
Michael Cassidy - Meet You At The Corner
Beerjacket - Jack Chasing Jill
Brazil Exists - Cars And Aeroplanes
Zed Penguin - Tulip
Someone's Son - Out Of Time
Holy Esque - Rose

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