Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Scottish Fiction Podcast - 28th March 2012

Back to normality at Scottish Fiction towers, and when that 'normality includes tracks from Martin John Henry, Cancel The Astronauts, White Heath, Galleries and a whole heap more.

Usual features back in for this one.  Idlewild are our featured artist, 'The Boy With The Arab Strap' by Belle & Sebastian is our classic album track, and with Mixing It Up and the return of Peenko Presents it's a goody!

The OK Social Club - The Shape Of Things To Come
The Machine Room - The Cost Of Progress
Martin John Henry - Only Colour
Ambulances - Shine On My Shoes
Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street
Brazil Exists - Cars And Aeroplanes

Peenko Presents Friday Freebies - Where We Lay Our Heads - Bury You

Cancel The Astronauts - Intervention

Classic Album - The Boy With The Arab Strap - Belle & Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap

Capitals - Jealousy
The Arcade Fire - Abraham's Daughter
Crusades - Pseudo Andro

Mixing It Up - Nero - Guilt - As chosen by Jamie Sparks

White Heath - In A Glasshouse
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way
Becci Breaks - Some Type Of Heaven

Featured Artist
Idlewild - When I Argue I See Shapes
Idlewild - A Modern Way Of Letting Go
Idlewild - El Capitan

Chris Rodger - Halfway To Glasgow
Letters - The Halfway House
Galleries - Young Wounds

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