Thursday, 1 March 2012

WWF Cup - Profile - Carlo Acosta

Carlo Acosta

Carlo is a relative rookie to the kingly wordsmithery that is Word With Friends.  Some say it’s because he’s only just gotten his first friend, others cause he’s only just learned to spell.  Either way, The King Hats drummer is already making a name for himself as one to be feared.  With a personal best 125 points for just one word, and regularly demolishing fellow WWF regular, and Boycotts bassist “Hardcore” David Dunsmuir (who failed to even qualify for the event) he’s expected to go far in this competition.  His patented “just play around with the letters until it lets you play something” technique alone is one that keeps the competition constantly guessing.  Expect anything less than the final to be a massive under performance.

Carlo takes on Shambles Miller in Round 1 of the Scottish Fiction Words With Friends Cup.

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