Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Single/EP Review - Ambulances - Feeling Sick / Shine On My Shoes

Ambulances, the six piece band from Fife, are back with us with a new double A side single, 'Feeling Sick' and 'Shine On My Shoes'.  They have been relatively quiet since their debut album 'The Future That Was' came out back in 2009, although they did sneak out a lovely little Christmas number as well.

'Feeling Sick' has a intruging hook, that is the core pull of this track, right from the start.  The vocals are mellow and un-hurried, and the repitition of lines, "I feel a little sick, just a little sick" as part of the chorus adds to the easy going feeling.  Scattered around the memorable hook are joyous little delights in the music.  The drums are chilled out, and I love the intentional missed beat at 1:54, and towards the end there a great buzzy electronica keyboard outro.  Did I mention how insanely catchy that hook is? 

'Shine On My Shoes' is a more indie pop driven single, and compliments the experimental nature of 'Feeling Sick' well.  The too-cool-for-school "come-ons" in the chorus remind me a little bit of The Dandy Warhols, the whole song sounds like it has been dipped in American West Coast slacker indie rock vat. 

Both songs are out now to buy on Bandcamp, and you can also pre-order a 7" vinyl.  Excellent!  Oh and have a peek at the excellent video they have put together for 'Feeling Sick'.

Download and pre-order the 7" Ambulances 'Feeling Sick' / 'Shine On My Shoes' here

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