Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Scottish Fiction's Words With Friends Cup - Update

If you've been following the #WWFCup hastag on Twitter then you may know that it's all been happening in the Scottish Fiction Words With Friends Cup.  Here's a round up of what's been happening.

Shambles Miller vs. Carlo Acosta


News filtered through late last night that Carlo from The King Hats had won in an epic battle against Shambles Miller, becoming the last person to bag his place in the semi finals of the WWF Cup.  The two contestants had this to say in post match interviews:

Carlo - I'm convinced that should have been the final. That was in the realms of spectator sports.
Scottish Fiction - Carlo, you proved your mettle against Shambles, do you now think the WWF Cup is yours for the taking?

Carlo - Most definitely! Shambles was an amazing opponent. I bored people at work with talk of our match.

Shambles - I lost my match! Unbelievably close match, most fun game I've played in ages.
Carlo - Such an engaging match. The lead changed with just about every word played; right down to wire. Well played.
Shambles - Cheers man, well played. And congratulations!
Scottish Fiction - Shambles, many spectators had you down as an early favourite. Are you disappointed? And can we expect that 17 verse folk song?
Shambles - Well Neil, at the end of the day, it's all about having the letters on the night. I played well, but it just wasn't to be.

Lots of respect between our two competitors there, and as Shambles says, sometimes it can come down to luck.  Carlo however is buoyed by that early victory and now faces Brian Pokora.  As for Shambles, he promises to be back, and in the meantime can get to work of that 17 verse folk ballad as promised!

Steve McGillivray vs. Brian Pokora 

It was a tense affair, but in the end Brian Pokora of Trapped Mice / Loch Awe emerged as the clear winner.  Post match interviews revealed a lot about the match.

Steve - A poor second half showing resulted in a sound beating from guitar guru Steve Pokora.  Well played Sir!
Scottish Fiction - With your early start we all expected so much, do you feel like you've let yourself down with this defeat?
Steve - A wee bit.  I got somebad letters and Brian took full advantage scoring 50 odd points in 2 rounds to break the tie and he never looked back.  I'll be back, as a cyborg once said.

Brian - It was a great game, and it was much closer than Stevegives himself credit for, well played! 
Scottish Fiction - You're through round one, and lying in wait is either Shambles or Carlo.  Do you think you can go all the way?
Brian - I doubt it, no idea about the others but Stu and Stewart are too good! 

Steve clearly hurting there, but Brian was quick to confirm that this game was by no means a one sided affair.  Brian now takes on Carlo in the first of our semi finals.

Dave Wark vs. Boab Canavan

Boab from Campfires In Winter got in touch on Monday with his commentary of the match against Dave from Plastic Animals - "Dave started really well, holding the lead for the first few moves.  After that we were leapfrogging each other with every move up until the last few letters.  Great game."  As you can see there was 14 points in it at the end.  Here's what the lads had to say:

Dave - Damn, out in the first round of WWF Cup after a close game with Boab.  Well played, sir! 
Scottish Fiction - Commiserations to Dave.  It's always disappointing to fall at the first hurdle. Where did it all go wrong?
Dave - No excuses - I just came up short in clutch time!  Words failed me!  And I have failed words :(

Scottish Fiction - Well done to Boab who finished 14 points to the good against Dave Wark.  Any words for the crowd?
Boab -  Only this... 

Brutal honesty from Dave but confident stuff from Boab who moves into the semi finals where he will meet Stu Lewis.   

Stu Lewis vs. Stewart Allan 

This match has been the pick of the bunch from round one.  In Stewart from Black International's own words... TWO POINTS!  Yes Stu Lewis of The Tidal Wave Of Indifference blog triumphed by two points.  After match comments anyone?

Stewart - That bastard Stu Lewis just beat me by TWO POINTS!  I demand a recount. 
Scottish Fiction - That's close!  We'll get Putin's election team to check proceedings and get back to you!
Stewart - Haha.  T'was a fair victory.  It was truly nerve-wracking.  I've lost half a stone.

Stu - Well played sir - epic match.  It was TENSE!!!

Stu now must rise to the challenge against Boab for a place in the Scottish Fiction Word With Friends Cup.

Our semi finals now look like this:

Semi Final 1                          Semi Final 2

Carlo vs. Brian                      Boab vs. Stu

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