Sunday, 25 March 2012

Scottish Fiction's Words With Friends Cup - Winner

Hail the conquering hero!  The winner of the first Scottish Fiction Words With Friends Cup is...

Boab Canavan representing Campfires In Winter!  Well done to the big man who fought his way through some tough competition to clinch the title.  Commiserations of course to our losing finalist Brian Pokora, and a hearty thanks to all our competitors!  Was good fun, and maybe, just maybe we'll give Boab the chance to defend his title one day.  Here's our final post match interview from Boab.  Also keep an eye out for some insight from our musicians/bloggers about the importance of words in music. 

Scottish Fiction - Boab, congrats on your win.  How does it feel to hold the *theoretical* WWF Cup in your hands?
Boab - I'm thrilled, I've ordered all my friends and family to call me by my name followed by 'WWF Cup Champion' from now on.
Scottish Fiction - There was quite a sizeable points gap in the end.  Was there a point you thought "I've got this in the bag"?
Boab - Not until I played the final tile.  You never know what someone is going to pull out so you cant be complacent or premature.
Scottish Fiction - Well done to Boab who takes the Scottish Fiction WWF Cup crown for the Campfires In Winter boys!

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