Friday, 2 March 2012

WWF Cup - Profile - Robert Canavan

Robert Canavan

Hi, my name is Boab and I'm from a wee village in the country called Croy.  It currently smells like shite because the farmer's been fertilising the fields.  My main music-y thing is playing guitar and singing in Campfires In Winter, but I also do a bit of work for a Glasgow record label and promotions company called from a stolen sea and, very (very) occasionally, I write live reviews for Peenko.  If I win this competition, I'll celebrate by walking from corner to corner of my bedroom in my leather waiastcoat, both arms aloft, cracking two cans of Budweiser together and pouring it all over myself.

Boab takes on Dave Wark from Plastic Animals in Round 1 of the Scottish Fiction Words With Friends Cup.

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