Thursday, 8 March 2012

WWF Cup - Profile - Stu Lewis

Stu Lewis

Stu Lewis is a 30-something muso, blogger, promoter and feline fanatic who almost certainly has a thousand things more useful he should be doing than playing Words With Friends, among them pouring disdainful scorn over an inbox stuffed full of new tunes.

He describes his first round win over Black International as "up there with my wedding day and the birth of my daughter, but not quite as wonderful as seeing the Flaming Lips live for the first time."

His most ridiculous moment came after shouting numerous expletives at the screen for not accepting an obviously legitimate word.  As it turned out, while it was a legitimate word, it was a legitimate word in French, at which point he returned to being snarky about your taste in music

Check out Stu's blog The Tidal Wave Of Indifference and wish him luck in the semi finals of the Words With Friends Cup where he takes on Boab from Campfires In Winter.

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