Monday, 5 March 2012

Scottish Fiction's Words With Friends Cup - Update

The Scottish Fiction Words With Friends Cup is well and truly under way.  The action has been coming thick and fast, and rumour has it that pundit premier Alan Hansen has even considered bringing his trademark numptiness to commentate on proceedings.  OK that last part is made up.  Here's a brief summary of how the games in Round One are going.

Shambles Miller vs. Carlo Acosta

It was a slow start to this game, with Carlo on drumming duties for The King Hats on Friday night.  Shambles opened the game up, and Carlo has pitched back, despite the dreaded lack of vowels scenario!  Some might say he's just getting his excuses in early!

Steve McGillvrey vs. Brian Pokora

Brian holds a 12 point lead over Steve at the time of this photo.  Tweets from Steve say that Brian dropped a rather tasty 'Qi' into the mix and now holds a healthy lead.  Threats of bottling have been flying and I fear for the safety of the loser, with Steve quickly gaining a rep as the 'hard man' of the WWF Cup.

Dave Wark vs. Boab Canavan

Not sure what's going on in this one guys!  Maybe the silence is part of Boab's tactics.  We'll find out soon enough!

Stu Lewis vs. Stewart Allen

It's been a been neck and neck all the way in this one.  Stu was particularly proud of his 'quare' play, and earlier today Stewart claimed a slender two point lead, only to see Stu pip right back.  You could be looking at the future WWF Cup champion here folks!

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